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Press Releases

Press releases are the traditional mechanism by which companies distribute news about products and events. Editors, industry analysts, institutional investors and more monitor the "wire" for news. Editors see many more press releases than they can possibly cover. Getting their attention requires a press release that tells them what they need to know in the format they expect. It also requires a carefully managed ongoing program that bulids interest in your company without flooding them with more information than they can use. We take the time to develop relationships with key editors so they will listen when you have something important to say.

Press Release Abatement Milestone Edward

Latest Abatement System Installation Marks a Milestone of Success for Edwards

Edwards now has 10,000 inward fired combustion abatement systems installed in semiconductor fabs worldwide; its abatement solutions have prevented over 14 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from being released into the atmosphere in 2017.

Press ReleaseNovAliX Cryo EM Opening The

NovAliX Turns to High-Resolution Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy

for Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery Research

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Cryo-TEM provides critical information for small molecule and biologic drug discovery

Press Release NovusEdge Rudolph.JPG

Rudolph Technologies Releases NovusEdge System for Edge, Notch and Backside Inspection of Unpatterned Wafers

New system combines high sensitivity, repeatability and throughput to deliver the industry’s best performance and cost-of-ownership for inspection of critical wafer zones

Press Release CapStone ESL.JPG

ESI’s New CapStone Flexible PCB Laser Processing Solution
Delivers the Highest Via Drilling Throughput in the Industry 

CapStone system features recent advances in laser technology and controlto double throughput and reduce via drilling costs by 30 percent

Press Release Prisma SEM Thermo Fisher.J

New Thermo Scientific Prisma SEM Combines Performance and Versatility

New Prisma has the simplicity and speed required for industrial applications and the advanced capabilities needed for research

Press Release Maja Systems Presto.JPG

Presto Engineering Provides High-Volume Wafer-Level Test for Maja Systems Wireless Data-Center Connectivity Solutions

Launch of Maja Systems terabit connectivity solutions in millimeter wave CMOS accelerated by Presto’s high-volume wireless and RF test expertise

Press Release Explorer 4 for Additive Mf

Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Additive Scanning Electron Microscope Delivers First Dedicated Solution for 3D Printing Process Control

High-resolution imaging and elemental analysis permit fast, accurate characterization of powdered raw materials and inspection of finished parts.

Press Release Cryo-TEM FEI.JPG

Nature Methods Names Cryo-Electron Microscopy
“Method of the Year 2015”

FEI, an early pioneer of Cryo-EM, has made many enabling technological innovations.

Press Release Metals Quality Analyzer Th

New Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Metals Quality Analyzer Quickly Detects and Diagnoses Production Problems

The Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Analyzer with MQA software now offers improved throughput for analysis of non-metallic inclusions in steel. The platform is a fourth-generation scanning electron microscope (SEM)/x-ray spectroscopy (EDX) for industrial manufacturing.

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