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White Papers

White papers allow you to address a topic in some detail, providing the background necessary for a thorough understanding of a problem and presenting an argument in support of a particular approach to a solution. Since a whitepapers are considered "owned" media, you can be more aggressive in promoting your approach. To be credible, you still need to avoid being overtly promotional. If you want your reader to take the time to read it, you must provide real, valuable information. Tell your story, the full story. You have good reasons for doing things the way you do. This is your chance to convince your reader that your way is the best way.

White Paper Secure Provisioning Presto.J

Secure Provisioning - A "Must Have" for IoT Security

Secure provisioning is a critical component in any security strategy.  This white paper from Presto Engineering, Inc., discusses how using an outsourced operations company to manage the production process, including secure provisioning, can reduce the time, cost and risk associated with bringing a new IoT product to market.

White Paper JetStep Maximizes Throughput

Rudolph’s JetStep Lithography System Maximizes Throughput while Addressing the Specific Challenges of Advanced Packaging Applications

Rudolph’s JetStep™ Lithography System combines an innovative optical design and numerous time-saving system features to maximize throughput and minimize cost of ownership while addressing the specific challenges of advanced packaging applications.

White Paper Outsourced Operations Presto

Outsourced Operations:
Reduce Risk, Accelerate Ramp, Manage Complexity

Outsourced operations is an economically attractive approach that can reduce risk, improve speed of implementation and mitigate against the potential costs of failure.

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